Tactical Molle Drawstring Pouch

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Make the most of your Molle storage panel by equipping it with a Molle pouch!

Supplied individually, this Tactical Molle Drawstring Pouch measures 28x27.5x1cm.

Externally, the two straps on the rear of the Pouch are secured with snap-on buttons and are perfectly spaced to ensure a snug fit on any piece of Molle equipment. Simply releasing the snap-on buttons allows you to remove the Pouch and take it with you, when required. 

Due to its ease of removal and emptying, the Tactical Molle Drawstring Pouch is well suited to storing items such as dirty clothing, litter, food wrappers etc.

It can be rolled up when not in use and secured with its integral slide clip-buckle, which makes it ideal for carrying on your belt or while on the move.