Rear-View Mirror for Suzuki Jimny (2018+)

$47.70 USD

  • Suzuki Jimny (2018+) - JB64 - 3-Door, 4-Seater
  • Suzuki Jimny (2018+) - JB74 - 3-Door, 4-Seater
  • Suzuki Jimny (2021+) - JB74 - 3-Door, 2-Seater LCV
  • Suzuki Jimny (2023+) - JB74 - 5-Door, 4-Seater

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Please note: at the time of writing, only the Blue lens version is available. The Clear version will be available in due course.

Improve rearward visibility and add a touch of Jimny styling to your interior with this Rear-View Mirror.

The Mirror itself simply clips in place over the original rear-view mirror thanks to strong and sturdy grips. Once in place, the rear cover (which is styled in the fashion of the Jimny's original front grille) simply clips onto the new Mirror.

The new Rear-View Mirror offers 2.5x greater visibility compared to the original item, thanks to having a larger surface area.

Suitable for 2018+ Suzuki Jimny (JB64/JB74) models only. Compatible with RHD (right-hand drive) and LHD (left-hand drive) models.