H&R -45mm Lowering Springs for Suzuki Jimny (2018+)

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This spring set is manufactured by H&R in Germany and will provide your Jimny with an estimated -45mm suspension drop for a lower, sportier stance. If your Jimny spends its life predominantly on the road, this kit is suitable for you.

Please select whether your Jimny is RHD (right-hand drive) or LHD (left-hand drive) when ordering.

On RHD Jimnys, the rear springs are unequal lengths and so this spring set will be supplied with a SuperPro Spring Spacer to correct the length of the rear-right spring to ensure an equal ride height left to right (the spring set itself is an LHD kit).

For the attention of EU customers only: this product originates in the EU and therefore complies with the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. This product will be exempt from tariffs or quotas when being sent to an EU member state shipping address.

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