IPF 600 Series CUBE Driving Lamps

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IPF are a Japanese company that has been researching, designing and developing automotive lighting products to a high standard since 1946.

The 600 Series CUBE Driving Lamp is designed to provide all of the brightness you need for dark, foggy conditions in a small and practical form factor. Its 2200lm bulbs provide visibility comparable to headlights, and the waterproof construction ensures it'll survive the toughest terrain. 

Supplied with a silicon light distribution adjustment guard to cut upward irradiation, enabling the lights to be safe for use in the company of others and reduce glare to oncoming traffic. 

This product is CE marked for certification of conformity during European use.

Supplied as a pair. You will receive 2x IPF 600 Series CUBE Driving Lamps.

You can also choose to add an optional Silicone Guards. Choose from Black, Green Camouflage or Brown Camouflage colour options (you will require 2x Silicone Guards for the 600 Series CUBE Driving Lamps).


  • Brightness (lumen): 2,200lm
  • Brightness (candela): 27,000cd (without guard) / 13,700cd (with guard)
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Power consumption : 21w
  • Weight: 780g (each)
  • Uses Deutsch waterproof connectors
  • Complete wiring harness included (suitable for 12V vehicles)

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