Rear Luggage Area Carpet Set for Suzuki Jimny (2018+)

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The Jimny's hard plastic trim on the back of the rear seats and surrounding areas often results in luggage sliding around while cornering, causing concern and creating a lot of unpleasant noises!

This Rear Luggage Area Carpet Set is designed for Suzuki Jimny JB64/JB74 (2018+) models and provides a soft surface for luggage to be loaded onto. The set comprises of seven individual pieces.

The two largest pieces are affixed to the rear of the seats by way of the headrests. The other pieces are held in place with velcro pads which are already sewn in place. Additional velcro pads with double-sided tape attached are included and are used to hold the smaller pieces in place.

Once the carpet set has been installed, you can have the rear seats set in either the upright or folded down positions without needing to remove the carpet set. 

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